Wednesday, 14 December 2016

About Me (I)

My name is Kieran Wong and you can address me as Kieran.
Hobbies: Building Lego & Playing Soccer/Badminton
Favourite colour: Blue
My favourite pastime is reading books although that is not my hobby.
I enjoy talking to people a lot sometimes .
I also like things to be done as soon as possible .

You can associate me to a monkey. I am sometimes quite active and playful. 

A video clip that caught my attention

The History of Chocolate
This video tells you about the history of chocolate .
What have i learnt in this video clip?
-"Cacao" comes from the Olmec civilisation
-The Olmec Civilisation were the first to use cacao beans to make gruels and drinks from as early as 1500B.C. 
-Cacao was also viewed as a sacred part of religious life and central to the society.